Why should you make the move to flint?

We Save You Money Now

Flint is an investment, we want to help you get a return. And there is no reason you can't be generating revenue from your site. Well, unless you've never had an easy way to do it. Guess what, you do now.

Local Directories, Monetized.

You are the gateway to your local community. What you say has weight. Your readers look to you to see what's worth their time. So why not capitalize?

With Flint you get a Directories feature to use to create a local list of restaurants, venues, bars, etc. And each of these places has an owner looking to get customers, the very same customers who come to your site looking for what's what locally.

This is an opportunity. One Flint helps you maximize. Take Restaurants for example. You'll be able to charge for featured listings on your Restaurant page, links to the restaurant's website or menu, photo tours, video commercials, and more. And these are win-win's for everyone. You, your readers, and the business owners themselves.


Banner Ads. Done Better.

What does a better designed site, plus more optimzed ad placements, plus increased traffic from more engaging features and search engine optimized articles, plus easier to use ad mangement tools equal? More ad revenue.

Banner Ads are definitely not the silver bullet. But if done right, they can be one piece of the pie. We help make this easier. By setting you up with Google Ad Manager, Analytics, and Ad Sense we can streamline your inventory and get you better informed so you can optimize your ad rates. This all leads to less headaches and more ad revenue.

Google Ad Manager = More Ad Revenue

Ready to get started?

We can answer any remaining questions you may have, and we'll give you the full run-through of the plans, prices, and setup process.

10 Reasons to Switch to Flint (PDF)