Why should you make the move to flint?

Everything Is Better

Better, Faster, Easier-To-Use. Think that's a pipe-dream? You've been spending too much time with over-complicated, stress-inducing software. It's time to evolve. From production overhead, to headaches. We reduce both.


Quickly and easily add your articles. And don't forget the photos, videos, and audio.


Blogs are built right into Flint, so creating a new blog is as easy as a few clicks.

Events Calendar

Fully searchable events, user submissions, easy exporting, and much more.


Searchable restaurants, venues, bars, or anything else you want. And you can monetize them!

Movie Pages

Complete movie pages and movie showtimes updated automatically, in real-time.

Artist Pages

Allow local artists to have their own page to post songs, upcoming shows, and more.

Community Groups & User Profiles

Now you can add a social networking aspect to your site, and you can keep it relevant. Your readers can add their voice to your content by favoriting, clipping, commenting, or responding to your articles in their own column, and community groups can create pages to keep their members informed.

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Ready to get started?

We can answer any remaining questions you may have, and we'll give you the full run-through of the plans, prices, and setup process.

10 Reasons to Switch to Flint (PDF)